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Report: 98% of Americans who can't wait for COVID vaccine don't plan to get COVID vaccine

Nashville, TN - Despite daily conversations and news reports across the United States about a promising Coronavirus vaccine, a new study finds that 98% of Americans who can't wait for a COVID vaccine, don't plan to get the COVID vaccine.

"This vaccine is a game-changer and we need it right now," said one survey participant. "But I'm not going to get it anytime soon."

A woman from Alabama told reporters, "I can't wait. I'm really hoping it's out in November. Then, I'll probably get it next summer."

Most participants said they planned to wait an average of nine months to a year before they are willing to risk getting the expedited vaccine.

"I'm going to wait until they iron out all the kinks," said a man from Ohio. "I mean it took them like a hundred years for the smallpox vaccine. They did this in a few months. I'm good with wearing a mask and staying at home for the next couple years."

Still, all the participants we spoke to said they are extremely excited and hopeful about the vaccine and can't wait for other people to start getting it.

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