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Study finds putting Guerilla Glue on tires not best way to stick to icy roads

Nashville, TN - With a renewed interest in Guerilla Glue, many internet users have been sharing creative uses for the popular adherent online. But, a new study has found applying Guerilla Glue to your vehicle tires is not the best way to stick to icy roads.

"Yeah, my car is totaled," said one man. "I may have had a little body damage if I'd just left good enough alone. Now, it's a goner."

He's not alone. 9 out of 10 participants said that applying Guerilla Glue caused 90% more damage than if they would have just naturally slid into an icy ditch.

As the glue sticks to the icy roads, the cab of the vehicle will reportedly either come to a dead stop or break completely free from the wheel assembly. One driver told reporters his cab stayed with the tires, but his engine went flying into a nearby field.

"They still can't find my engine. Thankfully we were wearing our seatbelt," said the man.

The safety commission who performed the study makes it very clear, "Do not use Guerilla Glue as a solution for icy roads. Stay home."

The study also found that Elmer's Glue is not a safe alternative.

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