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Report: US males, aged 15-95, take sudden unexplained interest in White House press briefings

Nashville, TN - According to ratings reports, today's White House press briefing, featuring Trump's new press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, garnered a record number of viewers among U.S. males aged 15 to 95.

James Burton, from the National Ratings Commission, told reporters, "We are still analyzing the data, but it is very clear that the U.S. males of a wide age range have taken a sudden unexplained interest in these White House briefings compared to when President Trump delivers them."

A deep dive into the report shows that there is no significant difference whether the viewers are Republican or Democrat, but it does show a slightly larger number of single viewers vs. married viewers.

The Trump administration says the ratings are a testament to the important information Trump provides for these briefings and they are happy to see that both liberal and conservative males finally agree on something.

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