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Rivergate Mall reminds underage shoppers banned at Opry Mills: 'Hey guys, we're open'

Nashville, TN - Opry Mills Mall announced on Tuesday that an adult must accompany all shoppers under the age of 18 on Friday and Saturday evenings, or minors will be asked to leave.

Minutes later, nearby River Gate Mall responded via social media, reminding juvenile shoppers, "Hey guys, we're open."

The news has already made the rounds among area teens online. One 15-year-old posted, "Yo, moving the party over to River Gate on Friday. Who's down?" Over 180 underage teens were down.

Still, other minors were not as happy. Several teens expressed concern whether River Gate had a Starbucks. One asked if they had stuffed zoo animals you can ride through the corridors.

"Hey guys, I'm fine with moving to the Gate, but do they have the animal rides there? Y'all know, I have to get my ride on."

River Gate says they are excited to welcome the extra business but are beefing up security just in case.

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