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Rotten Tomatoes certifies Mike Lindell movie as fresh evidence in Dominion defamation case

Minnesota - MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell released his new film (Absolute Proof) on Friday offering evidence that the election was stolen from Donald Trump.

The "three-hour movie," with a running time of 1:59:59, openly reiterates contested claims that Dominion Voting Systems were compromised and used to alter the election results.

Now, the reviews are in! While Rotten Tomatoes didn't give the movie a numerical score, it has certified the film as fresh evidence in the Dominion Systems defamation case.

Many critics on the right have heralded Lindell's work as a masterpiece. "This changes everything," said one man.

Other left-leaning reviewers have not been as kind. The movie was completely snubbed by the Golden Globes earlier this week.

It is unclear if it will be up for an Academy Award later this year.

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