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Rumor: Next Halloween film will introduce Michael Myers' younger brother, Oscar

Los Angeles, CA - According to reports, the 13th film in the Halloween franchise will introduce horror fans to Michael Myers' younger brother, Oscar.

The leak, first posted online by Halloweiner007, claims the working title for the film is Halloween: Blood Brothers and will feature the siblings teaming up to terrorize the people of Haddonfield, IL.

Little is known about Oscar's backstory except that his parents hid him from Michael at an early age. Michael will reportedly discover him through a 23andMe DNA test.

"According to my friend at the studio, Michael and Oscar have this epic battle at the beginning of H:BB. But by the end, they realize they complete each other, and begin working together. It sounds like a real feel-good story," wrote Halloweiner007.

At this point, it is all just a rumor, but Halloween: Blood Brothers is expected to be released in October 2022.

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