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Mix 92.9 cancels annual week of Thanksgiving songs to begin Christmas music early

Nashville, TN - It's been a disappointing day for many Mix 92.9 listeners who expected to wake up to the station's annual week of non-stop Thanksgiving programming. Instead, listeners got an early dose of Christmas cheer.

"It's really sad," said local listener, Ellen Moon. "Mix 92.9 used to be Nashville's official home for Thanksgiving music. What happened?"

Other listeners shared Moon's sentiments, questioning where they are going to hear such Thanksgiving classics as, "Dressing Up for Dressing," "The Turkey Shuffle," or "The Kid's Table Blues."

The Inquisitor reached out to the staff of Mix 92.9 but they declined to comment. On a positive note, we won two free tickets to see Celine Dion by being the 92nd caller.

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