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Sad. This happy woman still hasn't realized it's Monday

Nashville, TN - Jessica Smith woke up Monday morning feeling incredibly hopeful and excited about the relaxing day ahead. Unfortunately, Smith still thinks it is Sunday.

According to sources, Smith jumped out of bed, made a cup of coffee and spent several moments admiring the blue skies and sunshine streaming in her kitchen window. She showed no signs that she was aware it is Monday and she needs to be at work in less than an hour.

Smith reportedly spent the next 20 minutes playing with her cat and picking out the perfect sweater to wear to Sunday brunch. At no point did it occur to her that it was Monday and she was about to get fired.

All accounts of the morning show that Smith was feeling a little sleepy and decided to climb back into bed. She silenced her phone and turned on the morning news to play in the background. Reports show she fell asleep just seconds before the anchor wished everyone a happy Monday. She also missed several calls from her boss.

At the time of this post, Smith was still unaware that it is Monday and she is out of a job.

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