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Scientist who found gigantic 66-million-year-old egg in Antarctica says it was delicious

Antarctica - Scientists Jacque Edwards announced on Tuesday that the football-sized 66-million-year-old egg he discovered buried in Antarctica was delicious.

The egg, which measured 15 x 10 inches, was the first of its kind and believed to be the second-largest pre-historic egg ever discovered. The scientific community is describing the find as groundbreaking.

Edwards told reporters, "I can confirm that the egg was perfectly preserved and absolutely delicious."

According to Edward's journal, the scientist enjoyed the egg with a side of wheat toast and a cup of instant coffee before returning to the research station for a mid-morning nap.

Fellow Antarctician scientists say they are excited about the discovery, but furious Edwards ate the precious artifact before returning to the lab.

"That egg could have easily fed three of us," said one researcher. "He ate the whole thing then tried to hide the shell in the dumpster."

Edwards plans to publish his findings in Culinary Scientifica later this month.

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