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Scientists warn reopening country too fast could lead to resurgence of Tiger King

Washington D.C. - Scientist offered another stark warning on Wednesday, reminding lawmakers than reopening the country too fast could lead to a resurgence of Tiger King.

Dr. Arnold Paschal told reporters, "We have finally flattened the curve on references to Tiger King on social media and even eradicated mentions of Joe Exotic and Carol Baskin in thousands of feeds. But if we end up in a second quarantine because of reopening too fast, there may be no way to contain it."

The warning comes just days after Variety fueled the viral phenomenon by reporting that Hollywood superstar Nicolas Cage has been cast as Joe Exotic in an upcoming theatrical or most-likely Redbox release.

Experts advise that if you have friends or family who are still discussing Tiger King, do not engage with them. Practice social distancing online by not commenting or reacting to their posts and avoid all conversation if you come into contact with them in the real world.

At the time of this publishing, there is no vaccine for Tiger King.

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