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Seduced by inauguration fame, Bernie Sanders now trying to steal spotlight at impeachment

Washington, DC - Three weeks after Bernie Sanders became an internet sensation at President Biden's inauguration, sources claim the Vermont Senator is now trying to steal the spotlight from the impeachment trial by wearing the same meme-worthy outfit.

"I mean, just look at him. He's obviously trying to go viral again," said one insider. "It's like 100 degrees in here and he's wearing mittens."

Others have accused Sanders of using his influence to position himself in view of the cameras. Capitol documents show that someone with Senator level clearance requested a folding chair be placed on the floor "as close to the podium as possible." The request was not signed but included the initials B.S. There are are only three Senators with those initials: Brian Schatz, Ben Sasse, and Bernie Sanders.

A spokesperson for Sanders denies the allegations. "Senator Sanders is not an attention-seeker and asks that we focus on the trial at hand. But...if anyone is interested, we do have a few t-shirts and mittens for sale. All proceeds go to charity."

An investigation is currently underway.

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