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Selfless dad gives up favorite socks amid stocking shortage

Nashville, TN - If there truly was a Father of the Year Award, Bill Thompson is certainly in the running this Christmas.

When Bill's wife Cindy came home from shopping and reported that she couldn't find stockings anywhere, Thompson didn't hesitate. He walked over to his dresser, dug deep into his sock drawer, and selflessly handed Cindy four of his favorite socks. Cindy broke down in tears.

"I couldn't believe it," said the 41-year-old mother of two. "You have to understand that these socks are some of Bill's most prized possessions. Some of them date back to high school."

Bill Thompson says it was simply what any good dad would do.

"The kids pretty much love their stockings more than anything else we give them. There will always be more socks, but these memories are precious."

According to reports, the "sockings" have been hanging on the mantle since last Saturday, and so far, the kids are patiently waiting to open them on Christmas Day.

Cindy told reporters, "The kids are being so good this year. I usually catch them daily, trying to sneak a peek. This year, they haven't even gone near them. I guess they're growing up."

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