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Selfless spring breaker vows to donate entire stimulus check to local small beer business

Daytona, Florida - Just minutes after President Biden signed off on the $1,400 COVID relief bill on Thursday, a selfless Daytona spring breaker vowed to donate his entire stimulus check to a local small beer business.

According to witnesses, John Hammond made the promise to friends on the beach then immediately gave a man pushing a beer cart $100. Hammond told the man to come back for more in a half-hour.

Beer Thirty Beer Cart owner Robert Mobley told reporters, "He just like gave me a hundred bucks. I was so grateful. So, I gave him 10 Coronas."

About 20 minutes later, Mobley returned, and Hammond gave him another $100. This time, the thankful beer cart operator returned the kindness with three Bud Lights, four Corona, and three Pabst Blue Ribbons.

The give-a-thon continued into the evening until Hammond ran out of cash. He promised to go to the ATM Friday morning, and they made arrangements to meet up on Friday around noon. They even exchanged numbers so Hammond could call Mobley when he was ready to donate more.

At the current rate, Hammond should fulfill his financial commitment by 3:00 p.m. on Friday. It is unclear if he will commit to giving more throughout the weekend.

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