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Send this site a photo and they'll make you a bobblehead that looks just like someone else

Nashville, TN - If you're looking for a unique gift this holiday season, we found the perfect site for custom bobbleheads.

For just $39.99 plus tax and shipping, OobleBoobleBobbleheads will turn your uploaded photo into a personalized bobblehead that looks just like someone else.

Hundreds of customers are raving about the quality and accuracy of their products:

"OMG. I uploaded a picture of my daughter for her birthday, and they made her the cutest bobblehead that looks just like a girl we saw at the mall today. She was so excited."

"I sent a photo of my grandpa for Christmas, and they sent me a bobblehead that looks exactly like Betty White. Granddad loves Betty White."

While there are many custom bobblehead companies, OobleBoobleBobbleheads doesn't mass produce their products with 3D printing. Instead, a dedicated team of highly-skilled artisans handcraft each figure ensuring attention to the finest detail.

So, upload your photo today and delight your family and friends this Christmas.*

*Please allow 12-18 weeks for delivery.

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