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Single man with 23 cats feeling pretty good about self after watching 'Tiger King'

Nashville, TN - Bradley Townsend, a single man with 23 cats, says he's heard them all:

  • "There's the crazy cat lady-man"

  • "Cat hoarder"

  • "Cat Lover"

The insults go on and on, and so does the stigma of owning nearly two dozen cats.

Today, however, Townsend says he's feeling pretty good about himself after watching "Tiger King" on Netflix.

"That dude is nuts." Townsend told reporters, "I thought I was a hot mess, but that guy is certifiable."

The Netflix documentary which chronicles the exploits of Joe Exotic and his 227 big cats is becoming a bingeing sensation for the streaming service. It's also putting "crazy" in perspective for people like Townsend.

"After watching "Tiger King," I've realized I'm pretty damn normal. As a matter of fact, I think I'm going to go pick up a few more strays from the park later today."

"Tiger King" is now available on Netflix.

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