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Small World! Local gas station clerk, armed robber wearing exact same mask

Nashville, TN - Witnesses say an armed robber came into the Quick-E-Stop gas station on Broadway Tuesday night wearing the exact same mask as the clerk he held at gunpoint.

"Small world," said one customer who was hiding behind a Doritos display at the time. "They really seemed to hit it off once they made the mask connection."

Police reports show the pair spent approximately three and a half minutes talking about the pros and cons of the mask while the cashier filled a bag with money. Both agreed that it was comfortable, but itchy at time. Both felt like it looked more professional than a standard disposable mask. They both even purchased their masks from the same website for the same amount.

In the end, the suspect got away with $600 and a pack of Life Savers. There were no injuries.

One witness claims he heard the suspect give the cashier his phone number at the end of the robbery and say something about grabbing a beer. The cashier did not report the exchange in his statement to the police.

The suspect is male, average height, average weight, and wearing a black mask. If you have any information about the incident, please call the CrimeBusters hotline.

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