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So Romantic! Couple shares first Taco Bell Mexican Pizza since first date in 2020

Nashville, TN - Nashville natives Tina Jennings and Kyle Evans met in November 2020 and knew immediately that they had found something special, both in each other AND at Taco Bell.

"I remember when he asked me where I'd like to go to dinner. I said Fleming's Steakhouse. He suggested Taco Bell. When we got there, he insisted that we share a Mexican Pizza. It was really romantic, so we were bummed when they took it off the menu," said Jennings.

Mexican Pizza returned to the popular chain on Thursday, and the couple wasted no time rekindling their love affair with the Mexican-Italian delicacy.

What Tina didn't expect was Kyle to propose.

"We're getting married," Jennings told friends via Facebook.

While the couple doesn't have a date or location set, they do know that Mexican Pizzas will be featured on the wedding menu, assuming they are still available.

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