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So sad! Nashville man joining raid on Area 51 buys round-trip ticket

Kyle Douglas of Nashville, TN, has always been fascinated by Area 51 and the U.S. government's cover-up of extraterrestrial life. So when he heard about the Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop Us All Facebook event on September 20, he was one of the first to sign up.

Kyle quickly booked a flight to Las Vegas and a rental car for the two-hour trip to Groom Lake, Nevada. The sad part, according to friends, is he booked a round-trip ticket. A close friend told reporters, "It's such a waste. Kyle's a great guy and I hate to see him go. But that's like $200 bucks that he could have donated to charity or left for his arrangements."

Kyle's fiancé, Karen, told us off the record, "I've begged him not to go, but he says it's his destiny. He's in denial. He, at least, agreed to make me his beneficiary before he leaves. I just hope his insurance covers storming a highly classified remote military installation in the middle of the desert. I'm still waiting for an answer from the insurance guy."

Friends and family members are preparing for Kyle's departure and have already sent out a save-the-date for a celebration of life event on Wednesday, September 25, five days after the scheduled raid. The service will be held at the Mt. Juliet Buffalo Wild Wings from 8:00-10:00 p.m. Light appetizers will be provided.

Kyle was in his basement command center preparing a plan of attack at the time of this publication and was not available for comment.

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