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Southwest flight attendant first spotted in overhead bin later spotted on wing

Nashville, TN - Southwest flight attendants are known and loved for their shenanigans, from tongue-in-cheek safety briefings to in-flight serenades. So it wasn't a huge surprise when passengers found a flight attendant hiding in an overhead compartment on a recent stop in Nashville.

What was surprising is that the same unnamed flight attendant was later spotted on the wing of the aircraft during a non-stop flight to Denver. A passenger snapped a photo before alerting an on-board flight attendant of the situation. The flight attendant reportedly just laughed and told the passenger, "Oh she's fine. She does it once a week. She loves to entertain our guests."

One passenger, speaking mid-flight, expressed the feelings of most of the customers on board by saying, "It's nice to know a company and its employees would go to such great lengths to brighten our days. It's so refreshing in this day and age. I just hope she makes it to Colorado."

Southwest has released a statement regarding the overhead bin incident but has yet to comment on the antics on the wing. They did not respond to our calls.

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