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Strapped for cash at the pump, modern-day maji trades car for full tank of gas

Nashville, TN - According to reports, when a local man found himself struggling to pay for fuel at a local gas station, he traded his car for a full tank of gas.

Witnesses say they watched as the unnamed man grew increasingly frustrated when the pump declined his credit cards. That's when he approached local auto mechanic Doug Herman, who was exiting of the store.

"He told me he would give me his car if I would pay to fill up the tank. I offered to just pay for the gas, but he insisted he didn't want a handout," said Herman. "He's like a modern-day magi."

As Herman paid for the gas, the man retrieved the title from his glove compartment and signed it over to Herman. The man then called someone to pick him up.

Herman said he plans to give the car to charity because he already has too many vehicles and really doesn't know anyone who needs one.

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