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Stray pedal tavern wins Music City Grand Prix race

Nashville, TN - For the second year in a row, an unexpected winner emerged on Saturday night as a stray Nashville pedal tavern took the checkered flag at one of the Music City Grand Prix side races.

One observer told reporters, "It came out of nowhere. They had to be going 180."

The win has created quite a controversy as drivers claim the pedal tavern did not participate in the qualifying races and should be disqualified. The race committee has yet to make its final decision.

Inquisitor Nashville spoke to one of the pedalers who said they are simply in town for a bachelorette party.

"We don't care about no stupid race. We just want to get Becky smashed and get a little Nashty," said a bridesmaid. "Woot, woot."

It is unclear if pedal taverns will be allowed to participate in the main 80-lap Grand Prix race later today.

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