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Study: Covering self in honey ranked #1 thing not to do in bear attack

East Tennessee - As millions of Americans turn to the great outdoors this summer, it is important for adventurers to educate themselves on related safety concerns, including how to survive a bear attack.

In a ground-breaking new study, experts found covering yourself in honey is the #1 thing not to do during a bear encounter.

"On the surface, it would seem like covering yourself in honey would be a great way to disguise your scent and blend in with nature," said Dr. Robert Grizzel. "Our team learned the hard way that that is not the case. It is the last thing you should do."

Dr. Grizzel took a moment to recognize study participant Jason Bordeau for his bravery and sacrifice during the experiment. Bordeau is reportedly healing well and is expected to be make a semi-full recovery.

The top three safety tips are as follows:

  1. Don't cover yourself in honey to hide your scent

  2. Don't Google "how to survive bear attack" while bear is attacking

  3. Don't take selfies while bear is charging

The complete results of the study will be published in the Journal of Wildlife Survival later this month.

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