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Study finds Netflix users who login with other's password unfazed by price hike

Los Gatos, CA - Despite some negative reactions to Netflix's price increase announcement, a new study finds that not everyone is concerned by the additional cost.

According to a report by Vanderburg University, 99% of Netflix users who log in using someone else's password are completely unfazed by the additional expenditure. The most common responses to the survey were "no big deal," "totally worth it," and "definitely not a deal-breaker."

"Honestly, I didn't even know it was going up," said one 43-year-old participant. "I'll have to give my mom a heads up."

"So what? That's like one to two dollars a month. That's nothing," said a woman who has been using her ex-boyfriend's account for the past five years.

Of the 5,000 respondents, only a handful objected to the price increase, blaming politicians in Washington D.C. for inflation.

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