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Study: Women who hate bugs less attracted to men with bee beards

Nashville, TN - A new study has discovered that women who are disgusted by flies, wasps, and mosquitoes are 98% less likely to be attracted to men with bee beards.

Scientists showed 8,000 women with a fear of flying insects photos of men with bee beards and pictures of men without. The participants unanimously said they were more attracted to men without the swarming beards. The remaining 2% of participants expressed discomfort and asked to leave the study.

The groundbreaking report, published in the Royal Journal of Insectual Studies, has created a stir in the beekeeping community as it may finally explain why 9 out of 10 honey farmers with bee beards are single.

A follow-up study is scheduled for March, along with a related study in April focused on dung beetle beards.

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