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'Sure! Blame it on the dog!': Sources claim virus started by Lab

Nashville, TN - The origin of the coronavirus is an ongoing topic of debate and has been for months. The most popular theory is that it was spread by bats in a wet market. Now, unverified sources claim it was started by a Lab in Wuhan, China.

Despite zero evidence that a Labrador was involved, some scientists say we should entertain all possibilities at this point. Others are more skeptical, including canine rights activists, Caroline Proctor.

"That's ridiculous," Proctor told journalists. "Sure! Blame it on the dog!"

Proctor went on to defend the breed and point out that canines, in general, have a long history of being the world's scapegoat.

Proctor said, "Dogs are literally blamed for everything: eating furniture, hiding jewelry, peeing on the couch. Yet statistics show that most of the time it is a non-canine family member in all cases. Enough is enough."

Proctor says she is currently dedicating 100% of her time to defending the Wuhan Lab and demands a formal apology to the animal immediately.

The Inquisitor has reached out to the Lab for comment, but has yet to receive a reply.

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