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Taco Bell announces new imitation-meat tacos that taste identical to current imitation-meat tacos

Nashville, TN - This week, Taco Bell announced it would soon be testing a new imitation-meat taco that tastes identical to its current imitation-meat tacos.

"We are partnering with Out There Meat Company to try-out a new meat-like product that we believe customers will embrace as much as our current meat-like products they have come to love," said spokesman Joe Hamblin.

Taco-lovers are having mixed reactions. Many are asking why we need another non-meat offering when the current non-meat one is perfectly delicious. Others are wishing the company would go in the opposite direction.

"It would be nice if they would offer a meat-meat taco," said one man. "You know, like one with some real cow in it."

The company has not responded to our requests for comment.

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