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Ted Cruz, Big Bird online feud escalates into full-on street brawl

Sesame Street, NY - What started as an online feud escalated into a full-on street brawl on Tuesday when Big Bird and Ted Cruz squared off on Sesame Street.

"Today, kids, I'm going to show you how you handle online bullies," said Big Bird as he wrestled with a teary-eyed Cruz.

Several local residents were on hand to witness the incident, including Count von Count. In an exclusive interview, the Count told reporters, "Five. That is five baby tears from Ted Cruz. Ah ah ah."

The whole ordeal lasted less than two minutes before the senator cried, 'Uncle," and left the neighborhood.

It is unclear which "uncle" Cruz was referring to, but many speculate it was Uncle Charlie from the Munster's with whom he reportedly has a close relationship.

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