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Tennessee Aquarium area motel now offering hot tub dolphin encounter

Chattanooga, TN - A Chattanooga motel, located just a mile from the Tennessee Aquarium, announced on Saturday that they are now offering an exclusive hot tub dolphin encounter.

"We are excited to bring this immersive dolphin experience to our jacuzzi for a very limited time," said General Manager Carl Orwell.

According to the website, customers can purchase a 30-minute encounter for just $39.99 per person plus tax. Each session is limited to six people, not counting the dolphin and handler.

Although the hot tub is too small to swim with the dolphin, guests can shake the dolphin's fins for an additional $12.99.

A Luxury Romance Package is also available for $199.00, complete with a bottle of champagne and a bucket of shrimp to feed the mammal.

Wildlife officials say they are investigating the attraction and will be visiting the motel's aquatic facilities on Monday. Many believe the audit explains why the encounter is only offered for a "very limited time."

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