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Tennessee Rep. proposes shaking tourists for pocket change to pay for new stadium

Nashville, TN - As momentum grows to build a new Titans stadium, the question has turned to how to pay for the $2 billion project.

Governor Bill Lee has approved $500 million in state funding. The Titans have offered to pitch in $700 million. But the city will need an additional $700-800 million to complete the venue. No one has provided a solution...until now.

On Monday, Representative Bob Buford put forth a bill to the finance committee suggesting shaking tourists for change could pay for the new stadium.

"This bill will allow designated officials to shake down tourists for loose change within a 5 square mile area in downtown Nashville. We hope to generate $10 million each week. Maybe $20 million during CMA Fest."

The bill suggests installing a giant coin jar at Riverfront Park where officials can collect the change. Then, at the end of each week, a representative will take the change to a local Coinstar kiosk and deposit the funds in the bank.

The bill is expected to be fast-tracked for a vote in early May.

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