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There's an entire town for sale in Tennessee and the residents can't wait to meet you

Water Valley, TN - If you have an extra $725,000 lying around, you could soon be the owner of your own town. Historic Water Valley, Tennessee, is for sale and the residents can't wait to meet you.

Little is known about the town, except it was built around 1900 and sits on seven acres. The listing includes four general stores, a barn, and a 3-bedroom, 3-bath home. It currently has a population of 10 based on our research.

We asked a cashier at a local gas station about Water Valley, who told us, "We don't talk about that place. We don't say its name. And we never, ever go there."

Despite the negative review, our reporter visited the town and found the residents friendly and inviting. "They were so welcoming, practically insisting that I stay forever. Whoever ends up buying the town won't be lonely, that's for sure."

Check out the listing online for more information.

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