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Thoughtful porch pirate returns items his family didn't like for Christmas

Nashville, TN - Christmas may be over, but the spirit of giving continues as one thoughtful porch pirate is going house to house, returning items his family didn't like for Christmas.

"He just showed up at my door with the missing Tupperware set I ordered from Amazon," said one lucky recipient. "He said his wife had enough containers and he wanted me to have them back. At first, I was mad, but he was really sweet."

Local resident Tim Turner says he saw the pirate returning an opened Play Station 4 box on his porch through his Ring doorbell camera on Saturday afternoon. Turner recognized the man from a video where he took the package three weeks earlier. He went outside to confront him.

Turner told reporters, "He immediately apologized for taking the PS4. He said his kids really wanted the PS5 instead, so he wanted to return it. Then, he asked if I thought I'd be ordering a PS5 anytime soon. He was really nice about it, so I didn't call the cops."

Over a dozen people have shared similar stories about the kind young man who just wants to give back to his community after taking so much. Many are calling him The Santa Pirate.

We were unable to identify the man for an interview. Still, several other porch pirates told us they are so inspired by The Santa Pirate that they plan to begin returning packages their families didn't want later this week.

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