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Nashville man bravely protests Stay-at-Home order from mom's living room

Nashville, TN - As hundreds gathered downtown Nashville this weekend to rally for the reopening of the Tennessee economy, one man bravely protested the state's Stay-at-Home order from his mom's living room.

Charles Hammond IV, who has been self-quarantined in his mom's basement since March 12, took his protest upstairs Sunday afternoon for a brief demonstration before watching American Idol.

Hammond told The Inquisitor, "While I fully support this quarantine, I demand the Stay-at-Home order be lifted immediately or as soon as it is safe."

Hammond said he currently has no intentions of leaving the house until July, but wants to know there are places he could go if he chose to venture out.

He also wants people to be able to get back to work but says he wasn't working himself before the pandemic. "I might want to get a job at some point, but it's hard when everything is closed," said Hammond.

Currently, the Tennessee Stay-at-Home order is in place until April 30.

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