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Thrifty mom finds perfect use for excess Easter egg dye

Nashville, TN - Kelly Daniels is a thrifty mom who has taught her daughters not to waste anything. That now includes Easter egg dye.

"We had just finished painting our eggs and we had all this dye leftover," Daniels told journalists. "I thought, 'Here I am complaining about my roots showing and I'm getting ready to throw away this perfectly good dye.' It just made sense."

Neighbors say that they saw Daniels on her porch on Sunday morning collecting buckets of rainwater and sporting a new 3-tone pastel hairstyle.

One neighbor said, "At first I thought she was crazy, but now I'm hoping we have some dye left when we make eggs later today. I've got some patches of grey I'd like to cover."

New trend? Our experts think so and predict pastel will be the hot new color for Spring 2020.

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