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Thrifty politician saves hundreds in marketing using micro yard signs

Nashville, TN - Local businessman Steve Coochet is running for city council on a platform of fiscal responsibility. To put his money where his mouth is, the candidate has refused to waste large sums on traditional signs and banners. Instead, he is utilizing micro yard signs that are a fraction of the cost.

"Those large in-your-face signs can cost up to $5 each. My signs only cost 35 cents. Why waste?" said Coochet.

A recent poll showed Coochet is in last place for voter name recognition, scoring less than one percent. But Coochet says he is not giving up.

"I recognize we have fallen behind a bit and have some marketing work to do. That's why I just placed an order for 50,000 more micro signs."

Coochet campaign volunteers are currently canvassing neighborhoods asking if they can place the micro signs in residents' front or back yards. So far, most homeowners have been extremely receptive to the smaller sign.

Free micro bumper stickers are also available on the campaign Myspace page.

Photo Credit: Wesley Fryer via Flickr

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