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Tiger King 2 will reportedly introduce Joe and Carole's lovechild, Joe Jr.

Los Angeles, CA - According to online reports, Tiger King fans will meet Joe Exotic Jr. in Netflix's Tiger King 2.

At this point, it is just a rumor, but the leak has fans speculating on who Joe Junior's mother could be. Many believe it is none other than Joe's arch-nemesis, Carole Baskin.

"It has to be Carole," wrote one fan. "I think Joe secretly loved her and was angry that they couldn't be together. Maybe the hitman Joe hired was actually trying to kill Howard, not Carole?"

Baskin has said she has no part in the new documentary, leading many to believe she doesn't want the truth to come out and ruin her marriage to Howard.

"Do I think Joe Junior is Joe and Carole's lovechild?...Yes, yes I do," said one man.

Neither Joe nor Carole responded to our requests for comment.

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