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Tire Hero! Luke Bryan stops by local Goodyear to help employees change tires

Columbia, TN - Just hours after Luke Bryan was photographed helping a stranded mom with a flat tire, the country star showed up at a local Goodyear Auto Center to help employees install tires.

Garage manager Bill Andrews says he was sitting in the office when Bryan walked into the garage and said, "It looks like y'all could use a little help." He then pulled out some coveralls from a duffel bag and went to work loosening lug nuts on a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

"I recognized him the moment he spoke," said one employee. "I thought that's Luke Bryan."

Bryan reportedly worked several hours until all the jobs were complete and customers left happy.

Andrews told reporters, "Luke really saved our bacon today. We had nine vehicles in the queue, and I had two guys call out. We would never have finished if it wasn't for him."

Witnesses overheard Bryan asking the manager for an application, saying he might be interested in a part-time job during the American Idol offseason.

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