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Titans rendering of new stadium features ample parking for 15 cars

Nashville, TN - The Tennessee Titans unveiled a preliminary rendering of their proposed new stadium on Friday, featuring ample parking for 15 cars.

"One of the biggest complaints visitors have about downtown Nashville is lack of parking. That's why our plans include an abundance of space to accommodate up to 15 vehicles, give or take." said a spokesperson.

He clarified that the complex lot could hold 15 vehicles if all the cars were compact and around 8-10 with pickup trucks.

The stadium complex will reportedly cost $2 billion and an additional billion to complete the massive parking area.

"I'm not sure I can get behind the $2 billion stadium," said one Nashville resident we interviewed. "But I'm totally on board with the billion-dollar parking lot. We need those 15 spots."

The complex will also include an RV park that accommodates one camper.

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