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TN lottery player hoping he just doesn't remember trip to Illinois to buy winning ticket

Nashville, TN - Nashville native Barry Anderson, like many lottery players, woke up to disappointing news on Saturday: There was only one Mega Millions winner, and the ticket was sold in Illinois.

Anderson was initially heartbroken when he heard the news, but minutes later, he realized that maybe all hope wasn't lost.

"Maybe I drove to Illinois, bought the winning ticket, and just don't remember the trip," Anderson told his friends via Facebook. "It's possible."

Anderson's friends say he is in denial and are planning an intervention on Saturday afternoon. In the meantime, Anderson is reportedly scouring his apartment, trying to find the Illinois ticket he may or may not have purchased.

One friend says, "Barry was so sure that he would win that he quit his job and gave away his Toyota Camry. I think he's just in shock."

The $1.2 billion jackpot winner has yet to come forward.

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