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TN Titans inspire kids everywhere not to practice after destroying Bills without training

Nashville, TN - The Tennessee Titans destroyed the Buffalo Bills on Tuesday night with a 42-16 blowout despite having virtually no practices for the past two weeks. Now, reports suggest that the Titans' dominant performance has inspired kids everywhere not to practice.

One middle school quarterback told his parents at breakfast on Wednesday morning, "I don't think I'm going to practice anymore. I've got this."

A high school violinist decided not to rehearse ahead of her audition for a full scholarship.

A cosmetology student decided to just wing her first haircut with a live model.

There is evidence that the "practice-less" movement is also spreading to adults.

A local surgeon told reporters that he canceled a walkthrough for an experimental surgery on Wednesday afternoon after watching the game. "If the Titans can play flawlessly with no practice, I'm confident I can handle a simple never-before performed surgery."

Even NASA has embraced the movement scrapping all run-throughs ahead of its next mission launch.

This is a developing story.

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