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To expand pool of workers, drug-free workplace transitions to free drugs workplace

Nashville, TN - As the labor shortage continues to grow around the country, more and more companies are becoming increasingly creative in how they attract potential employees.

Job offers often include lucrative sign-on bonuses or higher wages. But one Nashville company hopes its new initiative will vastly expand its pool of applicants.

Restaurant Staffing Inc. announced on Friday that they have transitioned from a drug-free workplace to a free drugs workplace.

"We are officially a free drug workplace," said CEO James Prestley. "We hope this new program will benefit both our company and a large number of candidates who would not normally meet our restrictive drug standards."

Prestley went on to say that the company has also limited its drug testing process to a simple question, "You like drugs?"

It is unclear what is the correct answer under their new free drugs initiative.

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