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Top 3 signs the creepy guy staring at you for hour wants to be your Valentine

By Amanda Allen

We've all been there, ladies. You are at the movies watching Dolittle with your best friends, Megan, Beth, and Shelly. Slowly, you notice the creepy guy sitting by himself one row back is staring at you.

The staring continues. At first, you think maybe he is looking past you, but then realize there's no one behind you except your least attractive friend, Shelly. He is totally checking you out! Or is he?

Here are three sure signs:

He Doesn't Blink

If the guy in question continues to stare at you without blinking for over 60 minutes, he is totally checking you out...or suffers from a medical condition.

He Continues to Move to Seats Closer to You

If you notice he is slowly inching to seats closer to you, he is definitely into you...or just trying to get a better view of the Dolittle action.

He is Holding Your Hand

If at any point the complete stranger has changed seats with Shelly and is holding your hand and sharing his popcorn, he is totally checking you out.

Other signs that didn't make the list include:

  • He asks for your number

  • He kisses you in the parking lot

  • He asks you for a ride to his mom's house

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