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Top Gun 2 inspires whole new generation to give up dream of being pilot to play volleyball

Hollywood, CA - In 1986, Top Gun jetted into theaters and mesmerized audiences with its thrilling action and drama, but mostly its classic scenes of beach volleyball.

Now, 36-years later, Top Gun 2 is inspiring a whole new generation of young Americans to give up their dreams of being fighter pilots to play the popular sport.

"I was planning on joining the Airforce until I saw Top Gun: Maverick. Now, I think I'm just going move to the beach and play V-ball," said one young man we interviewed.

He is not alone. Of the 20 viewers we surveyed outside a local screening of the film, 19 said they were now inspired to take up the sport. The remaining holdout said he just wanted to buy a motorcycle and race planes at the airport.

If this is any indication, the future certainly looks bright for the beach volleyball world.

Top Gun: Maverick is in theaters now.

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