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TPAC strikes fear in hearts of husbands with announcement of 2020-2021 Broadway musicals

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Nashville, TN - The Tennessee Performing Arts Center (TPAC) struck fear in the hearts of thousands of Middle Tennessee husbands on Sunday when it announced its 2020-2021 lineup of Broadway musicals.

According to sources, husbands across the state spent the morning calming nerves and steeling themselves for the dreaded conversations ahead.

One such conversation has already been documented where a wife said over breakfast, "Look honey, the Lion King is coming February 3-27, 2021."

The husband nervously replied, "Oh no, the 3rd through the 27th of next February? That's the three weeks I'll be at that work conference I told you about. Maybe your mom would like to go?"

The husband told reporters off-the-record, "I think I'm safe, but that was way too close. I don't know how much longer I can do this. I mean, AIDA is coming."

Similar conversations are expected concerning the show dates below:

COME FROM AWAY (July 28-August 2, 2020)

AIN’T TOO PROUD (August 11-16, 2020)

1776 (November 3-8, 2020)

MEAN GIRLS (November 17-22, 2020)

Disney’s THE LION KING (February 3-27, 2021)

THE BAND’S VISIT (March 2-7, 2021)

THE PROM (May 25-31, 2021)

Elton John & Tim Rice’s AIDA (June 15-20, 2021)

A Husbands of Broadway Lovers support group is being formed to help husbands cope. Meeting times and dates are yet to be announced.

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