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Trump agrees to presidential UFC fight with Biden if Joe Rogan will commentate

Las Vegas, NV - President Trump said on Monday that he would agree to a presidential UFC fight with Joe Biden if Joe Rogan would commentate.

Rogan floated the proposed match on Monday on his podcast "The Joe Rogan Experience." Hours later, Trump tweeted that he was in.

This development comes just one day after Biden argued he was in better shape than Trump. In an interview with CNN on Sunday, Biden said, “This idea of slow Joe — Come on, man. I'd wipe the floor with him."

A Trump spokesperson said, "It's something we would like to see happen. The president has never been in better physical condition. We give sleepy Joe one round."

The spokesman went on to say that they would insist that Biden completes a test for performance-enhancing drugs before climbing in the octagon.

Biden has yet to accept the challenge but has been spotted sparring with Nancy Pelosi in the backyard of his Delaware home.

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