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Trump changes Twitter password from 'MAGA2020!' to 'MAGA2024!!' after 8-yr-old cracks code

Washington, DC - According to sources, President Trump reluctantly changed his Twitter password from "MAGA2020!" to "MAGA2024!!" on Wednesday after an 8-year-old Dutch hacker cracked the president's intricate code.

While the White House officially denies the breach and subsequent password change, multiple insiders have verified the story.

"At first, he was reluctant to change it because he felt like it was admitting defeat in the 2020 election. We finally convinced him to change it to 2024," said one anonymous aide.

Another staff member says it was the president's idea to add the extra exclamation point to the new "MAGA20204!!" password to ensure his count is impenetrable.

"The president is confident no one will figure out the new "MAGA20204!!" password, said one security official. "Americans can rest easy, His account is secure."

In related news, sources say the Pentagon will be updating several additional passwords set by the president for our nation's defense systems and nuclear arsenal.

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