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Trump fan disappointed by tiny flag he bought online: 'I thought it'd be bigger'

Lebanon, TN - An avid Trump supporter was disappointed this weekend when a flag he bought online for a Trump parade turned out to be far smaller than he expected.

"Hell yeah, I'm disappointed. I'm embarrassed," said Chuck Stone. "I thought it'd be bigger."

Stone says he ordered the flag from but feels the description and photos on the website were misleading. "It said it was going to be 'huuuuge.' Does this thing look 'huuuuge' to you?"

Stone says, despite the disappointment, he plans to keep the flag for his motorcycle and will be ordering one three times as large for an upcoming rally.

"When it comes to Trump, you either go big or go home," Stone said.

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Fuming Riley
Fuming Riley
Sep 15, 2020

I feel the guy, I'm disappointed too I thought trump would be a better president.

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