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Trump Force chokes intern after reaching limit of 'May the Fourth Be With You' comments

Washington, D.C. - Anonymous sources in the White House say that President Trump used his presidential powers this afternoon to Force choke an intern after reaching his limit of "May the Fourth Be With You" comments.

Intern Brenton Kennedy III, an avid STAR WARS fan, spent most of the day annoying the President and his advisors by using the greeting nearly two dozen times with various staff members. At approximately, 4:15 p.m. Kennedy used the phrase one time too many and the President Force choked the recent college graduate into silence.

Surprisingly, a U.S. poll shows that both Republicans and Democrats unanimously agree that it was a justifiable use of presidential power and Kennedy deserved it. Many of those surveyed said they had also reached their fill of the comment and wished they could Force choke friends and family members.

Reports say Kennedy is doing fine but has been reassigned to Vice President Pence.

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