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Trump, Mike Lindell enjoy one last pillow fight in Oval Office

Washington, DC - There has been a lot of speculation as to why Mike Lindell, better known as the My Pillow Guy, visited the Oval Office on Friday. Some even suspect that the two were meeting to brainstorm how to overthrow the government.

Now, sources tell us that Trump and Lindell simply met to enjoy one last pillow fight in the Oval Office.

"We realize the fake news is reporting that Mr. Lindell was carrying notes suggesting President trump invokes martial law. However, the president and Mr. Lindell were simply getting together for a pillow fight rematch from last November," said a White House spokesperson.

Documents suggest that the pair have met a dozen times in the last four years for such competitions, and they are currently tied 6-6.

"They call it PillowMania," said the spokesperson. "It's just innocent fun. Of course, they are not plotting to take over the country. That would be insane."

There is no word yet on who won the PillowMania title.

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