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Trump fully supports muted mics at debate if he's allowed to use small foghorns

Nashville, TN - The Commission on Presidential Debates announced on Monday that candidates will have their microphones muted during portions of the upcoming second debate.

Many analysts expected the move to infuriate Trump who interrupted Biden 128 times during the first debate.

Instead, Trump campaign officials said, "President Trump fully supports mic muting if he is allowed to use a small foghorns during the debate."

Trump later echoed his representatives by telling reporters, "It's just a nice, little foghorn. Just a simple, nice, little foghorn or two."

Neither the president nor his campaign revealed how the foghorn might be used.

Not all Republicans are so supportive of the new rule. One conservative activist said, "This is just another example of the biased, left-wing media trying to silence the president when it's not his turn to speak."

The debates will be broadcast live on Thursday night from Belmont University in Nashville.

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