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Trump orders 2,800 mile-long banner to announce America's 'Grand Reopening'

According to sources, President Trump has ordered a massive 2,800 mile-long banner to announce America's "Grand Reopening."

Documents show that the order was placed on Sunday with a Washington D.C. based sign company, Kushner Sign Co., and lists an installation date for this Friday.

It is unclear how the company is going to produce the behemoth advertisement in such a short time frame, but inside sources say the President was adamant that the banner is up this week and large enough "so everyone in China can see it."

There are few details about the banner except it will stretch from coast to coast and there are plans to host huge celebrations where all Americans can gather together and sign their names on it.

Two smaller, yet massive, banners are being made for Alaska and Hawaii with an installation date of Friday as well. Puerto Rico and other U.S. territories will also be included, according to an anonymous Trump staff member. Each will receive an 8-foot banner sometime later this year.

We reached out to the representative of the sign company who met with the White House staff for more details but he is currently in self-quarantine due to the meeting.

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